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The Storyteller- Book Review

Hiba Hiba Follow Nov 13, 2020 · 2 mins read
The Storyteller- Book Review
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A psychological suspense novel, that plays with our every emotion…

There isn’t anything that is not included in this book- suspense, emotions, love, betrayal, family crisis, beautiful characters…you name it! The Storyteller combines all of them in just the perfect ratio, resulting in a wonderful, heart-warming story.

Reading this book has been a special journey for me, during which I had a lot of thoughts. It’s the kind of book that you get every once in a while which puts you in a hangover. A little out of my comfort zone, but I’m really glad that I came across this book.

Zara is a very confined young woman who is haunted by her past. One day, she receives a strange mail from “the Storyteller”. From there, we are taken through a series of events in her life. This book explores various sensitive issues such as PTSD, childhood trauma, and abuse. An enigmatic tale intertwined with love, grief, and betrayal, The Storyteller will grip you till the very last page.

Zara is a character that intrigued me and will remain one of my favorite fictional characters. Zara’s mind, her fears, her scars, her nightmares, her desires, her quest for solace….all became my concern too.

Have you ever wondered how the life of a person with PTSD might be? How do their minds work? What are their thoughts? The Storyteller vividly presents this, and that’s something I loved about this book.

Within a few pages, the story hooked me- I grew fond of the characters and wanted to know more about their lives and also their thoughts. The antagonist, as well, was very well-developed. The villain in this is one of the worst humans I’ve seen!

The book follows an unconventional writing style- each chapter is named after one of the characters, who is the narrator of that particular chapter. I really liked this style because, in a single story, we come to know the perspectives of all the major characters. I also enjoyed the occasional extracts from the storyteller’s diary entries, which were really pearls of wisdom.

I also liked the setting of the story- Fort Kochi, a place I really admire. This town has a special vintage touch to it.

The Storyteller is a book that reminded me that it’s not always the climax and story that matters and contributes to the suspense of a book; how well it is narrated, the originality of the characters, the writing style… These are the most important factors that determine a good book. And I can say that The Storyteller has ticked all these boxes. I very often come across good books but it’s not every day that I fall in love with one. The author has done a wonderful job in penning this story with such good craftsmanship. It’s one of those books that are in the under-rated category and deserves more attention.

I would recommend this book to everyone who loves to read heart-touching and meaningful stories. Do share your thoughts with me if you’ve read it!

You can get the book here on Amazon.

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