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The Palace of Illusions- Book Review

Hiba Hiba Follow Nov 01, 2020 · 1 min read
The Palace of Illusions- Book Review
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The life you are living today is only a bubble in the cosmic stream…

Mythology has always been one of my favourite genres. Stories that narrate from the perspective of the women in Mythology are the best. The women characters are often overshadowed by male heroes and their emotions are only expressed according to their husbands, brothers, fathers, or sons. Though there are many powerful females in Indian mythology, we see very little of their part of the story. The Palace of Illusions is one such beautiful story.

Draupadi, the most famous woman in Mahabharata is the central character of this novel. We see a new perspective of the epic through her eyes. The daughter of fire and her story is very skillfully told with all the right words and all the apt emotions.

What interested me the most is the inclusion of Karna in the story. Karna is my favourite character from the Mahabharata. He is mentioned in the story in detail. This made the story very interesting. Karna’s side of the story is beautifully written. New perspectives are drawn to other characters such as Kunti and Dhrishtadyumna.

This book has made my love for mythology grow. Though every incident in this book may already be known to the reader as they are all from the Mahabharata, you won’t be bored at all. This epic narrated by Draupadi, one of the most astounding women in mythology, is surely worth a read.

The writing style is fit for the narration of a story taken from an epic: lyrical, precise, and bold. This charming book is a must-read for all mythology lovers.

The pleasures that arise from sense-objects are bound to end and hence they are only sources of pain. Don’t get attached to them.

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