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The HATE Potion

Fazal Fazal Follow Apr 05, 2020 · 1 min read
The HATE Potion
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Love For All Hatred For None

The human race is always dependent on interactions. It is impossible to live without mutual communication. But sometimes, this property is misused. We belittle each other with scorn and disrespect through thoughtless words, thereby hurting others sentiments.

Personally, I have also been a victim of such harsh criticisms. There is nothing worse than words that shrink our self-confidence.

We judge others by our overwhelming high standards and isolate those who do not meet them. This causes hate and gap between each other. The wrong hate potion is given instead of love and care. These are some mistakes that we commit against our fellow beings, mostly unknowingly.

Society impacts our behaviour one way or the other. Comparing two people and judging one on the basis of that comparison is the worst thing we can do to someone. It ruins their self-confidence. It’s not surprising that hate runs through the veins of so many people.

There is always a pressure by the society to follow conventions and alienation of those who go out of the box. One faces a lot of criticism standing out. This is a major problem that the youth faces. They find it extremely difficult to live to defy social conventions.

What everyone must realize is that we are all different. Acknowledge that difference and give everyone their chance. See the uniqueness in everybody. Uphold the beautiful slogan “Love For All Hatred For None”.

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Written by Fazal Follow
Minimalist, developer, love sketching and illustration drawings. I hope you like it!