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Pride and Prejudice- Book Review

Hiba Hiba Follow Nov 26, 2020 · 1 min read
Pride and Prejudice- Book Review
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A beautiful nineteenth-century classic…

And so, I have finally read Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen’s most popular work. Two thoughts were in my mind before I started this book: That I am about to read a Classic that is cherished by many readers worldwide and second that I’m about to read a work by history’s earliest accomplished female author. Hence, I started this reading journey with a lot of high hopes and expectations. And, I must say that this book was a wonderful experience. Although I felt that the book was rather slow at the beginning, after 50 pages or so, I got really interested in it and the characters intrigued me.

I am the kind of reader who loves to read stories set in the early ages; stories set in Britain a hundred years ago especially fascinate me. Pride and Prejudice enchanted me with its descriptions of English high society, middle-class family, and the beautiful countryside. Though this book may be classified as a Romance novel, I felt it more than that. We come to know about the different rules of English society such as how women had no claim to family property and how young girls’ sole purpose was to get married to rich men.

The romance in Pride and Prejudice is indeed worth mentioning. I have become sick of reading about all those meaningful romances that we are presented with nowadays, with cheesy dialogues and mindless flirting. But what Elizabeth and Darcy had was something so original and pure. They will remain one of my favourite fictional couples.

I now want to read the other 5 books that Austen has written.

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