Little Things Matter

Hiba Hiba Follow Jun 05, 2020 · 2 mins read
Little Things Matter
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It’s yet another environment day.

We see the once-in-a-year greenery posts and quotes everywhere, planting saplings and all the other cliches. A day where the environment is the hero. Now, I’m not saying that such a day is worthless. I just think that all the fuss we make on this day is not enough. And we must do what we can to carry this spirit throughout the year.

I decided to do a post on environment day. There is a wide range of topics we can write about how the earth is dying, how the animals are dying, how we are almost dying…..climate change, global warming, green house effect……The list is endless. I thought that probably almost everyone have heard about all these year after year. I wanted to share details that we all could consider without much difficulty in our everyday lives.

Paper straws and cloth bags: Now you might think that just a single straw or cloth bag doesn’t matter. But believe me, it does. Be the change you wish to see in the world. The ones who suffer most from plastic wastes are sea animals.

Water IS Precious: The biggest irony is that in this world there are two kinds of people-the ones who have more than enough and the ones who struggle to have something. We cannot always help the hungry and thirsty. But not wasting our resources and being more sensible is not something hard to ask for. So turn off that tap while brushing and do your own small part.

Be A Small Farmer: Most of us aren’t accustomed to working in the soil. But, every once in a while, just think about where all our food stuffs come from. I think that having a meal grown from your backyard is a special feeling:) . Try it out. Plants help to clean and purify the air around your home too.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle: The good old saying. This is something we can do everyday. Adopt reusing the plastics and disposables wherever possible. Recycle trash into beautiful crafts. Try to carry your own water bottle when you go out to avoid buying packaged drinking water.

Spread the word: Now that you’ve come to know about the ways that we can make a difference, let others get the idea too. Help people to understand how each of them can contribute to making things better.

Donate: If you are really into environment protection and want to do something in a bigger perspective, there are many organizations in the national and international level that you can help by donating money.

Remember that nature sees everyone as equals. We humans only have the advantage of having a little more brain power than others. We are the first generation to realize that the earth is in danger and we may be the last generation that is able to do something about it.

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Written by Hiba Follow
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