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Letter to A Fictional Character- Thorn

Hiba Hiba Follow Sep 12, 2020 · 2 mins read
Letter to A Fictional Character- Thorn
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To Princess Alyrra, Castle of Menaiya.

Dear Thorn,

Hope this letter finds you and all Menaiyans fine and safe. Will your wedding be held next spring? Or will it be extended? Have you mastered the language of your land? I am very eager to hear more from you.

I am an admirer of you and your story. Maybe it’s because I find a lot of similarities between you and me; and you inspire me in many ways. But, we are different in many ways. I was astonished at the silence you always showed when your brother hurt you. I couldn’t believe that you did not reach out to anyone when you felt unloved by your family, except the Wind. You swallowed your worries and tried to stay in solitude when life crushed you. But, you cherished those who gave you true friendship and valued them with your life. All this is why, dear Princess, that I instantly loved you.

I know you terribly miss Violet, and Flada, and Acorn. I have mourned their deaths along with you, for I know how dear they were to you.

Dear Thorn, I want to know what changes you have brought in Menaiya; what you have done to secure the safety of women, how you will alter the responsibilities of the soldiers, what long-term privileges will be offered to the poor other than mere apple cakes, how the snatcher problem will be tackled, how you keep your friendship with Redhawk… I know that you are the only one who could make all these reformations in Menaiya and I know you will.

Your new life may seem very overwhelming. But remember that it was your choice, and not just your duty. Whenever you feel the burden of Power, remember Falada’s words: It is rare for someone who desires power to truly deserve it. You are bound to feel overwhelmed, because you are much humble at heart than any others as you have experienced the life of the common people first-hand.

Amidst the chaos of court life, I hope that you will find time to spend in the little forest that Kestrin created for you and with your old friends. I wonder who your new handmaidens are…

I wish you and Kestrin a happy and long life together.

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Written by Hiba Follow
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