How To Get Out of a Reading Slump

Hiba Hiba Follow Sep 27, 2020 · 3 mins read
How To Get Out of a Reading Slump
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Have you ever found yourself stuck and unable to turn the pages of a book? Sometimes, do you feel bored while reading and fail to concentrate? Well, that’s when you are in a reading slump! Don’t worry, it’s absolutely normal. It’s just a phase and there are some easy ways to get out of a reading slump. Here are some from my experience.

  • Pick up Small-sized Books

Reading large books is the last thing you wanna do in a reading slump. If you do so, you are likely to leave it in the DNF(Do Not Finish) category and fall into an even deeper reading slump. Pick up books that are less than 200 pages and try reading them slowly. When you finish them, it will give you a sense of accomplishment which will motivate you to read more books and probably get out of the slump.

  • Read Rom-coms or Children’s Classics

    This is a tried and tested method. Romantic and young adult novels are written in simple styles and have appealing plots. Reading such books are less likely to make you bored. Reading a children’s classic is also effective. The childish and innocent stories may refresh your minds and encourage you to read more.

  • Re-read a Favourite

    Raid that bookshelf and pick up an easy favourite read! It will surely make a difference. You already know the story so it’s okay if your attention span zone out for a bit while you read or if you decide to stop in the middle. The goal is to get back your reading flow.

  • Read a Collection of Short Stories

    We often under-rate short stories. They are actually a set of very good literary works! Try reading some short stories. You don’t need to give in a lot of effort to read them and finish them quickly. This way, you can feel a bit productive and hopefully get back your flow.

  • Listen to Audiobooks

    I’m not a big fan of audiobooks but they really help during a reading slump. When you are in a slump, the main problem is that your concentration is very low. Your thoughts tend to drift off while reading. That’s where audiobooks come in. While listening to a narration of a book, you are not actually reading, but you get the effect of reading. Also, there are many platforms that offer audiobooks at affordable prices or even free.

  • Read Book Blogs or articles related to books

    Reading about books and listening to someone else talk about their love for books can influence you to read or maybe evoke that feeling to get back to reading. There are lots of bookish blogs out there and you can find many of those on Instagram. So go check out some amazing blogs and get inspired!

  • Try doing something else other than reading

    Remember that its totally okay if you stop reading for a while, even if you are a book blogger, bookstagrammer, or just a regular reader. Try doing something else that you love like gardening, cooking, drawing, or even sleeping. Also, another reason why you got into a slump is that maybe you are stressed out and cannot focus on reading, which is the thing you love to do the most. So try de-stressing by doing yoga or drinking coffee or whatever it is that reduces your stress. You will get back to reading as soon as your mind is refreshed.

Remember that reading slumps are very normal and every reader goes through them sometimes. Take your time and steadily recover your reading pace.

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