Introduction to Blueskyletters

Fazal Fazal Follow Dec 18, 2019 · 1 min read
Introduction to Blueskyletters
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Anything under the sky and beyond!

Hi there! Welcome to a blog with limitless ideas. We write and illustrate on any topics: relevant, just-for-fun, thoughtful, informative, inspiring and more.

A canvas for colorful minds.

Art is a language that unites everyone.

As humble artists, we try to bring universality to our works, be it in words or sketches.

We believe in creativity. We believe that faith, bravery and hard work can create wonders. We believe in dreams that come true. And all this lead by passion.

This is also space for young creators, writers and artists to bring out their works.

Welcome, all.

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Written by Fazal Follow
Minimalist, developer, love sketching and illustration drawings. I hope you like it!