Being an Introvert

Hiba Hiba Follow Mar 31, 2020 · 2 mins read
Being an Introvert
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For All the Quiet Ones…

Introverts are people who possess the ‘quiet power’. It’s quite easy to spot an introvert: in the library, at the corner of a party, quiet places…

A person who prefers calm and minimally stimulating environments is called an introvert. How are introverts unique? There are a few common characteristics of an introvert :

  1. Most introverts are silent and not much interested in small talks. They also tend to be talkative to their closest friends.
  2. Introverts are reserved. They don’t make new friends easily. They tend to stick on to the very few friends that they have. They have a small friends circle.
  3. They tend to feel drained out by socializing. It’s not that introverts are anti-social. It’s just that they need to spend more alone time in order to boost up their mental energy.
  4. Enjoys solitude.

Introverts are like cats: quiet, passive, reserved, calm and independent.

In short, a typical introvert is whatever an extrovert is not.

Introverts are like low-power batteries. They drain out quickly after socializing. They need some solitude to recharge it. This is because of the varied dopamine response in the brain. Introverts are more sensitive to dopamine. The feel overstimulated by it. That is why they feel happier when the brain release acetylcholine. This hormone acts while reading, concentrating and other calm, less social activities. That’s when they feel relaxed and content.

It is a myth that extroverts perform better than introverts. Both groups have their pros and cons. In fact, thee are some advantages of being an introvert:

  1. Introverts have the ability to create deep connections with people and have a better understanding.
  2. They are good listeners.
  3. They are more creative and original.
  4. Introverts are low maintenance. They tend to be less need for attention and are more independent.

There are many famous personalities who claimed to be introverts: Emma Watson, Albert Einstein, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates are a few.

The Quietest people have the Loudest minds.

Introverts believe that quiet moments are the best moments. They find joy in solitude. They always prefer to stay away from crowds and make their lone time productive. Extroverts can never understand introverts because the latter tend to loath whatever the former love.

Introversion is not equivalent to shyness. Introverts just tend to avoid socializing more while a shy person feels anxious around people.

Remember, being an introvert is never a bad thing and something that you need to change. People around you may tell you to “get out of your shell”. But you should remain who you really are. The biggest mistake an introvert can make is to try to become an extrovert. I didn’t know about this before. I was so unsure about my personality as an introvert that I felt the desperate need to change. This only lead to disappointments.

So introverts, bring out the Quiet Power in you and may you have all the solitude you need!

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