Hiba Hiba Follow Sep 24, 2020 · 1 min read
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Chaos is the new calm

imperfection the new bliss

unusual is the new normal

chaos and chaos it is

You are too young to grasp

the complex universe

for chaos constitute it

chaos make it thrive

The world is full of chaos

chaos is the world

You and me

our hearts, one.

Don’t you know, dear

you set alight in me

the most beautiful of chaos?

For that is why my dear

we are meant to be.

We found ourselves

in the chaos of us

Do you know how intertwined

our soul is?

Sweet dear, let us hope

our love won’t drown

in the chaos of the world

Let us hope, pray.

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Written by Hiba Follow
Blogger, love to explore new ideas and write on my morning coffee!