An Old Story

Hiba Hiba Follow Apr 14, 2020 · 2 mins read
An Old Story
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Some stories are Golden and Bring the sweet Nostalgia of Childhood along with it

Among the many topics under the sky that I could write about, I choose to do a post on a story that I have listened to in my childhood and probably every other child in Kerala.

Some stories, no matter how old they get, are carried from one generation to the other as they are golden ones that cannot be replaced by any other. Such is the story of a Mannankatta (lump of earth) and Kariyila (dry leaf) which is a rather tragic short story.

Mannankatta and Kariyila were best friends. They decided to go on a journey to Kasi. It was a jolly journey until a strong wind started to blow. Kariyila being so light, was about to fly away. But Mannankatta came to his rescue by sitting on top of him. They continued the journey. Later, it started to rain and Mannankatta would have melted away into the earth if it wasn’t for Kariyila who shielded him from the downpour. Both of them happily continued, with the confidence that they were safe as long as they were together. The tragedy occurred when a huge storm came and the fierce wind blew away Kariyila and the rain melted Mannankatta away. What the storm washed away was the millions of dreams that they had dreamed together.

This is a story of an immortal friendship as the Mannakatta remains in the earth and the Kariyila still flies with the wind.

This story brings tears to the eyes of young kids. Though these two are inanimate characters, we feel sorry for them on how they got separated and never reach their destination.

After many years, thinking of this story in a new perspective brought new meanings to the story. It is a story of friendship and bravery. It is a story about life and its unexpected circumstances. It teaches us how fragile we are despite the abilities we have. It tells us so clearly that embarking on adventures in life is definitely risky and sometimes may end in tragedy. The story portrays how the most unlikely pair can become friends.

The story of Mannankatta and Kariyila so vividly express the bitter truth of life in a simple way to young minds. It brings out the universal truth that nothing can last forever and one day we shall all too be a memory; our body shall melt away into the earth as Manankatta and our soul fly away to the hereafter like Kariyila and we may leave some uncherished dreams behind.

It is strange how such a short nursery story imbibes in it the deep meanings and truths of life. Every child should be told this story.

As I brood over the fact of how much meaning I could think of from this simple story, I hope that maybe my life may also get immortalised in a story that at least some may remember.

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